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We are a friendly London based company that specialises in the supply and fitment of vehicle security, trackers, entertainment, communication, and multimedia systems.

We have built a team at Hoodriderz Motorsports that is proud of the business, cares about our brand and our customers and is committed and motivated to deliver exceptional service. We handle almost all the makes and models of vehicles and our technicians have a wealth of experience in all the products that we supply and install. From the state-of-the-art multilingual communications hub at our head office right through on the road technicians, all our staffs are professional, knowledgeable and dependable.

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Why HoodRiderz?

We are proud in providing fast, affordable and competitive pricing. We are built on the principles of providing professional and personal touch to your vehicle, whilst ensuring a confidential service of the highest standard is maintained and are available 7 days a week and are available across London for same day service.

If you rely on your vehicle for your daily commute or work or business, it goes without saying that being the victim of a theft or vandalism can quickly turn your life upside down. Depending on the factory-installed security systems is often a mirage as the stealers often hack it and steal the vehicle, so to keep your vehicle safe and secure, you need a strong security solution.

Investing in a professional security system is always worth as its extremely difficult, if not impossible for thieves and vandals to get around. The Tracker and alarm actively protect your vehicle against theft using advanced technology along with movement detection sensors hidden within the vehicle, ensuring security and peace of mind.

Check out our Products & Services

We are one of the leading suppliers and installers of vehicle security and tracker products. With over 10 years of technical experience in vehicle security, we have the right range of products for your vehicle.  All our products are of the highest quality with expert installation.

Huge Selection

Of trackers, immobilisers, dashcams, entertainment systems

Low Price Everyday

Original products and great service at low price guaranteed

Same Day Installation

London and around, we are available for same day installation

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